About MHHL

Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd is a not for profit company whose remit is the maintenance of 230 acres of openspaces and other assets owned by the company. MHHL is not a Neighbourhood Association and we can not deal with matters other than those directly relating to MHHL property.

If you buy a home in Martlesham Heath you become a shareholder in Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd  (MHHL)  and pay a small annual fee (currently only £30 pa) to contribute towards the maintenance of the 230 acres of woods, grassland, open spaces and other assests that make Martlesham Heath such a unique and pleasant place. 

Martlesham Heath SSSI Ltd is wholly owned by MHHL and its job is to manage the maintenance of the SSSI site. The intention is that this company will get charitable status to enable it to access grants from other sources to help with the task and reduce the costs that would otherwise fall on householders.

Should you sell your home please ensure that your solicitor is made aware the of the convenant attached to your home relating to MHHL and ask him/her to ensure that it's transferred to the new owner. If houses are sold without the convenant being transferred then MHHL potentially loses future income from the new owner, which in the long run pushes up the cost for the other owners.  Here is a sample of the Deed of Covenant - you'll see that one of its conditions is that it is transferred to subsequent owners of a property.