May 2016 report

I am pleased to report that we have successfully registered the Northern Green as a Village Green. This affords some level of protection in law against development in the future. It’s a complex subject and if you are interested it’s worth Googling Village Green status.


We are now starting to enter the fire season again, so please be careful with discarded cigarettes and matches. Also if you have youngsters please stress the dangers to them, in particular if there is a wind blowing they may not be able to outrun a heath fire.


We have noticed a large amount for discarded rubbish in Birch Woods, I do know of several members that carry a carrier bag and collect waste when they see it and we would encourage all users of the wood to follow their example. Or better still don’t drop litter in the first place.


Again we are receiving complaints re people not picking up after their dogs on the Western Corridor, I think this may be as a result of letting dogs off the leads and not noticing what they are up to. Please can you keep an eye on your dogs and remember we have a lot of Adders on the SSSI so its probably not a good idea to let your dog wander too far in any case.

By MHHL on May 21st, 2016