Martlesham Heath House Holders Ltd submitted the following in respect of the planning applications in Birch Grove.


Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd would like to object
on the basis that :-

POLICY AP28 (Suffolk Coastal Local Plan remaining
Saved Policies - July 2013) states "Development will not normally be permitted where it would materially detract from the character and appearance of: [..] (ii) other sites, gaps, gardens and spaces which make an
important contribution in their undeveloped form to a Town or Village, its setting, character, or the surrounding landscape or townscape".

Section 13.27 of a previous Local Plan (in the context of AP28) stated that "the overall physical and design principle [of Martlesham Heath] which emanates from the original social concept is one of a series of hamlets separated from each other by wide areas of open space.

The District Council has sought, and will continue to uphold the principles of this concept, and, accordingly, once these hamlets have been fully developed there will be no potential for further development other than ancillary to recreation of an outdoor nature. To do otherwise would be regarded as adversely affecting the village and its open setting".

MHHL Directors believe the permitting of infill such as this will seriously affect the character of Martlesham Heath and open the floodgates for other speculative development to the detriment of Martlesham Heath. Consequently, we strongly oppose this development.