Outside MHHL's scope

MHHL is NOT responsible for the following:-

  • Road, street and pavement maintenance - these are owned  and maintained by Suffolk County Council
  • Street lighting is maintained by Suffolk County Council - faults can be reported on their website
  • Bus shelters - please contact Martlesham Parish Council
  • The play areas (behind the Pavilion and near the football pitch to the east of Gorseland School) are inspected and maintained by Martlesham Parish Council.  If you should see vandalism being carried out please call the Police on 101. If you should spot any damage to the play equipment please call Martlesham Parish Council as soon as possible, as any damage could be dangerous to children using the equipment.
  • The old cable TV system pillars which are now redundant. Martlesham Parish Council is negotiating with Virgin media to get these progressively removed.  The damaged items were removed in 2012.
  • The village centre (ie the premises and the Square) are privately owned,  and are managed and maintained by Barton Properties on behalf of the owner. Both MHHL and Martlesham Parish Council have contact details for Barton Properties to report any problems. Barton Properties are to be thanked for the improvements they have been progressively making over the last year or two since they took it over.
  • Graingers (the successors to Bradford Property Trust who originally developed the vilage) still own some land in Martlesham Heath village which has not been transferred or leased to MHHL. The main areas they still own are the car park to the east of the doctor's surgery and the land stretching from the eastern end of that car park round to the mini roundabout and the land on either side of the path leading up to the footbridge. Graingers can be contacted on 020 7940 9500.  Their corporate website is here.
  • Within Martlesham Heath village there are two pieces of land that Graingers sold to Lasting Dreams Ltd., the fenced off area on the western side of the northern green, and some land in Hunters Ride. MHHL is not responsible for the upkeep of these pieces of land.