Western Corridor & SSSI

Most of the Western Corridor is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  

The policies relating to the Western Corridor are designed to balance its role as an open access area that can be enjoyed in peace by walkers (including people excercising their dogs) whilst at the same time protecting and enhancing the wildlife that it is home to.  They also reflect the legal obligation placed upon us as result of the SSSI status.

The policies relating to its use are shown in the SSSI section.

There have been problems with people congregating and riding very noisy motorbikes in an anti-social manner. No vehicles are allowed on the Western Corridor and SSSI without permssion from MHHL, and the police will deal robustly with anyone caught riding motorbikes on the site.  If your child has one of these bikes please can you make him/her aware of this and ask them not to ride on the Western Corridor.

Please see the "other areas" page for information about the control tower and its car park.

MHHL owns the football pitch opposite the school; the Parish Council kindly pay for its maintenance.  The pitch is publicly accessible - users are asked not to damage the pitch. Dog walking is permitted, but bearing in mind its use, please clear up any mess left by your dog - thanks.

MHHL owns the land that the Centenary Play space is built on. The Parish Council funded the play equipment and manage its maintenance.