Woodland areas

The main woods in the village are the Birch woods to the south of the village green.

The other woodland areas covered by MHHL are between Lancaster Drive and Coopers Rd, and the woodland at the top of the northern green. The woodland between York Rd and Mayfields is owned and managed by Graingers.

(Please note that the policy regarding trees and woodland on the western corridor is different from that outlined below because that land has a legally enforceable Site of Special Scientific Interest status which means it has to be managed as lowland heathland.  This means that we have to ensure that the amount of tree cover is kept within a certain level. For more information see the MH SSSI Ltd section.)

The aim is to leave the woodland in as near a natural state as possible.  The Birch woods have a network of meandering paths throught them which are left unsurfaced.  They may be muddy after heavy rain although they dry out quickly as a result of the very sandy soil.  If the main routes become overgrown then we carry out limited clearance to keep them passable. 

We do not carry out routine tree surgery or felling across the woodland areas as a whole; our aim is to identifiy any potentially dangerous trees which could be a risk for people using the paths and deal with those as necessary.  If you see any trees which you think might pose a risk please let us know.

  • Please take care in the woods
  • Please do not damage the trees.  
  • Please clear up after your dog.
  • No fires are allowed due to the potential risk to life and property.
  • The removal of fallen timber is not allowed without permission from MHHL.
  • No motor vehicles (including motorbikes and motor scooters) are allowed in the woods.