Welcome to the website for Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd and Martlesham Heath SSSI Ltd.


Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd is a not for profit company whose remit is the maintenance of 230 acres of openspaces and other assets owned by the company it is owned by the homeowners of Martlesham Heath who pay a yearly maintenance fee. The company is manged by a board of directors and volunteers from Martlesham Heath on behalf of the housholders.

MHHL is not a Neighbourhood Association and we can not deal with matters other than those directly relating to MHHL property.


We hope you find it easy to use.  If you have any comments please email us at mhh@martlesham.org.ukNavigation is straightforward - simply click on the relevant tab above.  Links to further sub-pages will, in many cases, appear on the left of the page.We suggest you start here - About MHHL.


Maintenance charge, Our Bank has started rejecting checks made out to MHHL, please make all cheques payable to Martlesham Heath Householder Ltd.



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