Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd is a not for profit company who's remit is the maintenance of 230 acres of openspaces and other assets owned by the company. MHHL is not a Neighbourhood Association and we can not deal with matters other than those directly relating to MHHL property.

To get in touch with MHHL or MHHL SSSI Ltd about matters pertaining to MHHL property only please:

Write to: Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd., PO Box 897, Martlesham Heath, IPSWICH, Suffolk IP1 9PB

Phone: 01473 612207 (this is an answering machine - we’ll call you back when the office is staffed)

Email: our addresses are:-

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    If you'd like to stop receiving emails from us, or you've changed your email address please email us as above stating which email address you no longer wish us to send to, and, if appropriate, your new email address.

    We will only email you in connection with MHHL business and your email address will not be given to other organisations.