Comments from Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd

Ref Footpath / Cycleway / Bridleway Statement The open spaces on Martlesham Heath are owned or leased by Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd (MHHL) the House holders are members of MHHL.

The management of this land is paid for by a yearly membership fee from the members. It should be noted that this land, SSSI in particular, is under severe pressure from the volume of walkers and dog owners using it, many users not being from Martlesham Heath.

We note that in section 5.6.5 of the Footpath/Cycleway/Bridleway document reference is made to MHHL land in particular the fact this land is well managed for visitors and wildlife alike. As my previous paragraph above points out the management of this land is paid for by the members of Martlesham Heath Householders ltd with some assistance from Natural England for the stewardship of the SSSI.

Martlesham Heath Householders will look to the developer to contribute towards the upkeep of this land until the recreation facilities are established on the new development at which time the additional load on the land will hopefully reduce.

Ref Schools
Martlesham Heath Householders informally allow Parents and teachers of Gorseland School the use of the control tower car park, however the road surface leading to the car park is unsuitable for the large number of cars using it. We would anticipate until a school is built on the new development parents will be driving their Children to Gorseland school. Consequently, we will be looking to the developer to assist MHHL in the repair and resurfacing of this access road.

Ref Cycleway
It is clear that the Cycleway between Deben Avenue and Eagle Way is inadequate and in places dangerous, particularly between Broomfield and Eagle Way as there is a blind bend on a very narrow shared path, the path then crosses MHHL managed land. Increased traffic will only exacerbate the issues. We would look to the council or developer to propose a solution to this issue.

Ref Access to Martlesham Heath
Referring to illustration on page 44 of the Design and Access Statement.

On the map it shows a Green arrow going between two hamlets on Martlesham Heath, namely Lancaster Drive and Coopers Road. This land is owned by MHHL and also has Village Green status so no path may be constructed in this area.