SSSI Site Management

We have a 10 year plan to restore the habitat on Martlesham Heath SSSI, which is partly funded by Natural England. This follows many years of decline leading to encroachment by gorse and bracken, birch and oak, and a reduction in the area and the condition of the heather. Conservation work is carried out by volunteers and subcontractors following detailed plans. This work is mainly carried out from the start of November to the end of February  to avoid disturbance of nesting birds, although bracken control, and other targeted work can be carried out during the summer.

Work plans are put together each year and suitable contractors are invited to provide quotations to carry out the tasks. We are currently improving the planning process so that there is more visibility of the plans earlier in the cycle, so that we can keep all members informed. In addition, we are ensuring that a broader range of views are consulted to help us decide on the best way to approach the difficult task of improving the site for the benefit of the indigenous species.

We will keep people informed of planned work through this website and other channels. At the moment, the work planned next is the continuing challenge of controlling bracken; this is planned for July.